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Precinct Chairs

What is a Precinct Chair?

Precinct chairs are the grassroots organizers for the Democratic Party.  Texas counties are divided into individual precincts and it is the responsibility of the Precinct Chair to  organize Democratic voters in their respective precinct. Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the Party.

Precinct Chairs are responsible for

Attending the monthly County Executive Committee meetings held on the second Thursday of each month.

Terms of Office & Qualifications

The precinct chair is a publicly elected party official and is elected by precinct voters in the Democratic Primary Election (or in the runoff election, if no candidate gets a majority in the first primary). The term of office for a precinct chair is two years, beginning on the 20th day following the Primary runoff election.  Vacancies may be filled by appointment by the County Chair and approval by the County Executive Committee. To be eligible for the office of precinct chair, an individual must meet these requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a qualified voter
  • Be a resident of the precinct from which he or she is seeking election
  • Not be a candidate for or holder of an elective office of the federal, state, or county government
  • Sign an oath of affiliation with the Democratic Party
  • (Optional, but highly desirable) have Internet and e-mail capabilities and basic computer skills

Don’t know which precinct you’re in? Find out here:

Precinct Chair Application

Denton County Democratic Party Precinct Chairs & Open Precincts

Precinct     Last Name       First Name                Email                                                                             City                               
1000 Vacant Vacant   Sanger
1001 Vacant Vacant   Sanger
1002 Amendola Sally Sanger 
1003 Vacant Vacant   Pilot Point
1004 Alvord Greg Prosper
1005 Petty Pamela Aubrey
1006 Polk Damon Providence Village
1007 Turner Janice Aubrey
1008 Vacant Vacant   Aubrey
1009 Burnam Dan Denton
1010 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1011 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1012 Swan Sandy Denton
1013 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1014 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1015 Love Rhonda Denton
1016 Dierdorf Elizabeth Denton
1017 Vacant Vacant Denton
1018 Franklin Danja  DentonDems1018@gmail Denton
1019 Wakefield Liam Denton
1020 Tookey Beverly Corinth
1021 Vacant Vacant   Corinth
1022 Vacant Vacant Corinth
1023 Vacant Vacant   Corinth
1024 Vacant Vacant   Shady Shores
1025 Adell Valerie Oak Point
1026 Mays Christopher Little Elm
1027 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
1028 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
1029 Warach K.D. Frisco
1030 Tysell Tammi Frisco
1031 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
1032 Storie Sally Frisco
1033 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
1034 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
1035 Wall Jim Frisco
1036 Dodson Jody Frisco
1037 Vacant Vacant   Aubrey
1038 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1039 Vacant Vacant   Denton
1040 Nosel Valentina Frisco
1041 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
1042 Vacant Vacant   Pilot Point
1043 Vacant Vacant   Celina
1044 Hutchins Norma Prosper
1045 Vacant Vacant   Krugerville
1046 Meisner Emily Denton
1047 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
1048 Vacant Vacant   Lakewood Village
1049 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
1050 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
1051 Stephens Christina Frisco
1052 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
2000 Vacant Vacant Dallas
2001 Miller Ashleigh Dallas
2002 Vacant Vacant   Dallas
2003 Ehrlich Kurt Carrollton
2004 Stavely Roberta Carrollton
2005 Michael Bob Carrollton
2006 Polter Adam Carrollton
2007 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2008 Baker Scott Carrollton
2009 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2010 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2011 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2012 James Felicia Carrollton
2013 Green Kelly Carrollton
2014 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2015 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2016 Poland Amanda  Carrollton
2017 McGehearty Patrick Lewisville (Castle Hills)
2018 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2019 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2020 Jones Steven J. Plano
2021 Rains David The Colony
2022 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2023 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2024 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2025 Hawkins Linda The Colony
2026 Arnquist Sonja The Colony
2027 Vacant Vacant   The Colony
2028 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
2029 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
2030 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
2031 Vacant Vacant   Little Elm
2032 Wang Stanley Little Elm
2033 Vacant Vacant   Carrollton
2034 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville (Castle Hills)
2035 Vacant Vacant   Frisco
2096 Zero Precinct No voters   The Colony
2097 Zero Precinct No voters   The Colony
2098 Zero Precinct No voters   The Colony
2099 Zero Precinct No voters   Plano
3000 Townsend Lindsey Lake Dallas
3001 Vacant Vacant   Hickory Creek
3002 Martin Ann Highland Village
3003 Adams Melissa Highland Village
3004 Longo Antonella Highland Village
3005 Prescher Debbie Highland Village
3006 Marion Bob Lewisville
3007 McMurray Jocelyn Lewisville
3008 Marshall Virginia Lewisville
3009 Nichols Dan Lewisville
3010 Peacock Megan Lewisville
3011 Lyng John Lewisville
3012 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville
3013 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville
3014 Chamberlain Elizabeth Lewisville
3015 Iannuzzi Carol Lewisville
3016 Mims Delia Lewisville
3017 Reber Shane Lewisville
3018 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville
3019 Williams John B. Lewisville
3020 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville
3021 Charles Piper Lewisville
3022 Vacant Vacant   Coppell
3023 Vacant Vacant   Coppell
3024 Vacant Vacant   Flower Mound
3025 Kini Asit Flower Mound
3026 Vacant Vacant   Flower Mound
3027 Butler Alissa Flower Mound
3028 Picardi Albert Flower Mound
3029 Williams Krista Flower Mound
3030 Irmen Kim Flower Mound
3031 Dillon Laura Flower Mound
3032 Vacant Vacant   Lewisville
3033 Vacant Vacant   Flower Mound
3098 Zero Precinct No voters   Grapevine
3099 Zero Precinct No voters   Lewisville
4000 Brandt Emily Krum
4001 Vacant Vacant   Krum
4002 Sharp Frances  Ponder
4003 Engstrom Kara Denton
4004 Flachsbarth Katina Denton
4005 Pruneda Mat Denton
4006 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4007 Keffer Marsha Denton
4008 Wood Christie Denton
4009 Ferrie George Denton
4010 Lytle Russell Denton
4011 Sanchez Alfredo Denton
4012 Woodland Rebakah Denton
4013 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4014 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4015 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4016 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4017 Tait Molly Argyle
4018 Guillen Brenda Lantana
4019 Vacant Vacant   Copper Canyon
4020 Vacant Vacant   Copper Canyon
4021 Vacant Vacant   Bartonville
4022 Barrow Jaquelyne Double Oak
4023 Olson Alison Flower Mound
4024 Vacant Vacant   Flower Mound
4025 Gentry Sharon Flower Mound
4026 Weinstein Sandra Flower Mound
4027 Wirsig Kellie Flower Mound
4028 Wolf Richard Flower Mound
4029 Vacant Vacant   Flower Mound
4030 Vacant Vacant   Southlake
4031 Zadeh Susan Trophy Club
4032 Suchocki Marjorie Trophy Club
4033 Martin Queva Roanoke
4034 Vacant Vacant   Ft Worth
4035 Wells Amber Argyle/Northlake
4036 Vacant Vacant   Justin
4037 Rodman Barbara Denton
4038 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4039 Wilkins Christopher Denton
4040 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4041 Giroux Yvonne Denton
4042 Vacant Vacant   Denton
4043 Bautista Jennifer Lantana
4044 Boettger Rolf Denton
4045 Mithani Sharukh Denton
4046 Vacant Vacant   Lantana
4047 Vacant Vacant   Roanoke
4048 Vacant Vacant   Ft Worth
4049 Vacant Vacant   Justin