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The Denton County Democratic Party

What We Believe

Texas Democrats believe government exists to achieve together what we cannot achieve as individuals; and government must serve all people. A representative democracy is only truly representative if every single citizen is guaranteed the inalienable right to vote in fair and open elections


Texas Democrats believe in equal opportunities and freedom for all human beings no matter a person’s race, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or immigration status.


Texas Democrats believe in a fair criminal justice system serving all people; robust public and higher education opportunities are critical for our future; and our economy must benefit all Texans.


Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right; women’s rights are human rights; we owe future generations a clean and healthy planet; and a strong social safety net creates opportunity for all Americans.

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DCDP Leadership

Executives, Committees, and Contact Information

County Chair Dr. Angie Cadena Angie's Email
Treasurer Brandon Jones Brandon's Email
Secretary Lesly Gutierrez Lesly's Email
Parliamentarian Carla Collier Carla's Email
Office Coordinators

Jim Williams
Candidate Recruitment &
Training Co-Chair(s)
Sandy Swan Sandy's Email
Communications Co-Chairs

Tihleigh Roach
Khristen Jones
Tihleigh's Email
Khristen's Email
Community Outreach Co-Chairs

Jocelyn McMurray
Jocelyn's Email
Angie's Email
Coordinated Campaign 2020 Primary
(GOTV Field Directors)
Joel Corban Ortega
Jesse Jimenez
Joel's  Email
Jesse's Email
Data Analytics Co-Chairs

Patrick McLeod
Evan Stone
Patrick's Email
Evan's Email
Disability Co-Chairs

Pam Sanders
Pam's Email
Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chairs

Mateo Granados
Michelle Butler
Mateo's Email
Michelle's Email
Election Integrity &
Voter Protection Co-Chairs
Mary Infante
Sandra Weinstein
Mary's Email
Sandra's Email
Ethics Committee Co-Chairs

-Open- Angie's E-mail
Finance Committee

Andrew Morris
Andrew's E-mail

Fundraising Co-Chairs

Jocelyn McMurray
Jocelyn's Email
Angie's E-mail
Primary Election Committee Mary Infante
Emily Meisner

Mary's Email
Emily's Email
Rules Committee Co-Chairs

Patrick McGehearty
Carla Collier
Patrick's Email
Carla's Email
Technology Co-Chairs

Walter Padilla
Sharukh Mithani
Walter's Email
Sharukh's E-mail
Volunteer Coordinators

Barbara Palcewski
Cheri Kennedy
Barbara's Email
Cheri's Email

Senate District Executive Committee

District-12 Committee Representatives

Sally Ortega Haynes: Sally's Email
Brandon Chase McGee: Brandon's Email 

District-30 Committee Representatives

Kay Parr: Kay's Email
Glenn Melancon: Glenn's Email

Denton County Democratic Party Headquarters

Office Hours:  Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. –  4:00 p.m. 
Address: 522 S. Edmonds Lane; Suite 200; Lewisville, TX 75067
Phone: (469) 771-2155